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Our Content Management System has been developed focusing on journalists experience

Easy access

Access anytime, from anywhere and from any device, our CMS just requires internet connection.

Easy menu

All features are available in max 2 clicks and if you are in a rush you can create content from quick "create" menu.

Easy Frontpage Management

Organize your content just by dragging and dropping articles where you want them to show.


Style Matters

We help creating, enhancing and maintaining digital newspapers so that readers obtain an unbeatable experience when being displayed content

Mobile first

Your content will look professional and easy to read in any devices: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Custom frontpages

Change the appearance of your newspaper quickly and anytime you want.

Custom themes

Need more customization? We can create an unique theme for you.


Always there for you

Feel free to focus on content and let opennemas take care of the rest


We take care of hosting and infrastructure and we have a 99,5% SLA.


We offer free support ticketing service and we do answer in maximum 1 day.

Development Support

If you need additional development support you can choose the support offer you like better.


Your success is our Mission

Manage your ads, offer premium content, sell printed copies and/or digital books


Earn money by including advertisements in your site.


Create premium content for your readers with subscription.


Sell your paper newspapers, digital books and/or video.

Other features

The limit is the sky

We offer over 20 different solutions that will help you to grow and be successful, choose what fits you best, and you start for free!


Make sure your readers do not miss the most relevant news with your own personalised newsletter.

News Agency Integration

Keeping your digital news up to date with agencies is already a reality!


Create and manage your polls, engage your audience and collect interesting information.

Our most valuable asset: our customer's feedback

Why Opennemas?

Because we take care of everything so that you can focus on creating amazing content!

POWER to your news

Create and publish any kind of content: articles, opinions, images, etc. Update your frontpages. Let your readers share, like and comment. And much much more...

Publish for FREE

No need to provide any credit cards. Give a name to your newspaper and start publishing for free. The word is yours! The world is yours!

Very very EASY to use

Our platform drastically reduces the time spent in understanding technology to free up time to create information. SEO, Socials, Widgets integrated.

We are ALWAYS by your side

Since the very beginning and as long as you want you will be able to contact us for any queries, you can consult our extended help section and you can watch our demo.

Work from/on any DEVICES

We offer a mobile responsive SaaS (Software as a Service) because we know that you need to be able to create and publish content from any place and device.

MONETISE with Opennemas

Depending on your business model we offer the possibility to manage advertisement and paywalls so that you can successfully own and grow your digital newspaper.

Fully responsive

Which is your favourite device? Our CMS platform works great on all of them

  • desktop
  • portable
  • tablet
  • mobile

Check out our customers

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