Confidence and Passion

Openhost is a Spanish web consulting agency with headquarter in Ourense and a great expertise in online journalism and web application development. Currently our product and services are helping over 3.6K online newspapers worldwide to improve their workflows and increase their user reachability.

Working together

Try our platform and let us know what you think about it, we always appreciate feedback and we love helping our customers in the creation of the best version of what they want.

Improving continuosly

Our team works really hard in continuous improvement to manage and support the best of online journalism through our stable and dynamic platform.

Pushing hard, always forward

Our mission is to create solutions that give the opportunity to professional journalists to create, publish and manage information and content in a responsive and user friendly system.

Our figures

Premium customers
Millions of page views/month
Millions of visitors/month
TB/month of data transfer

+ we are constantly growing and we do not update this page often enough

THE team

David Martínez Chief Executive Officer

Always restless, I'm in love with technology. My first executable piece of code at 10. Capable of seeing The Code. I don't like bosses. Sleeping is a waste of time

Fabrizia Alonzo Chief Operations Officer

Driven by innovation and transparency, in a world where data and communication are essential to business development, my motto is “no problem, only solutions” and no! I am not a robot.

Fran Diéguez Chief Technology Officer

Born and raised with computers, other toys were really not my thing. When not researching for new and exciting software architectures, you can find me doing sports and enjoying nature.

Alexandre Rodrigues Technical Support Engineer

Since I was a child I knew I would end up working with computer science. From my beginnings with MSX, I've always enjoyed computers and technology a lot. My passion: fixing stuff and salads!.

Sandra Pereira Senior Account Manager

I love working at new projects, organisation and planning. I relax programming HTML5. I'm a technology enthusiast, eager to learn always more. I enjoy the moment and I aspire to happiness.

Diego Blanco Developer

Pseudo-professional quote to tell you that I'm a geek without telling you that I'm a geek.
Oh, wait.

Diego Lendoiro System Engineer

System engineer blood, Devops heart..

Maybe you? We are hiring

Would you like to be part of THE Team? We are always looking for new talents, do not hesitate to send us your cv and let us know what you like to work on.